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Raising Your Vibration and Ascension

Updated: Jul 9

There is a lot of talk lately about raising our vibration and preparing for ascension. Indigenous teachers, Guru’s, religions and even Quantum Physics all have an opinion on this topic. What exactly though does it mean and how does it affect you? Well depends on your perspective.

Often it is not enough to look out from our own little corner of the world. When we do this we get lost in our own obscurity, our minuteness and tend to feel powerless, demeaning our greatest qualities and sinking into self- doubt. It empowers us to allow ourselves to feel that connection with something greater and if we tap into our intuition it will confirm that thinking.

We are not just beings swallowed by an ocean of obscurity. There is something more to your existence than a bunch of oscillating atoms, an emotional turmoil at times and the results of your positive or negative thinking. Perhaps the mistake we make is we take ourselves to be finite. That the soul is within and we are a cellular conglomeration of DNA mixed with our cognitive and unconscious faculties. Is it not the case rather that we are a body within a field, an aura, which we can photograph (for many years). So are we a body within a soul or a soul within a body?

It doesn’t really matter because both statements suggest there is something more than our mundane existence. More than a bunch of oscillating and vibrating matter distinct from other things. Even the sceptic cannot deny the science here. What are the possibilities if we change that oscillation? Ask enough questions and you open yourself to any number of possibilities. Ascension is one of them.

There are many ways we can impact our ability to progress and heal. Whether it be earthing ourselves barefoot on grass or swimming the ocean to increase negative ions and antioxidants, to just giving up alcohol due to its depressant qualities. It could be burning sage to clear energy or listening to Solfeggio frequencies while you work. Perhaps some flower essences for emotional wounds or affirmations to connect head and heart? Are you too stressed? Too busy? Too afraid to step into your power and to be you? Then perhaps some meditation and mindfulness to connect better and overcome your fear?

This is why you need to investigate how raising your vibrations and ascension will impact on your life. What stability and understanding will occur? If you find your investigation has nothing to offer just forget it. However if it promises to enhance your path, make you a better, happier, more harmonious person then don’t you really owe it to yourself to investigate further? Seek out good teachers not the flashy signs and big names. The ones who know that also resonate with you, that make you feel empowered and respected. Learn from them and assimilate their teachings as your own. Be empowered to connect better internally and externally. Achieve and grow to be…a better…you.

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