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Stressfree Management Natural health clinic Greystanes

I found the stressfree management website through Google. I was very new to this kind of therapy but  I wanted to give it a go and see if it can help me combat my night terrors.
Jenetta has been awesome from the get go. She explains things very well and with a lot of patience and understanding.She is a genuinely good human being.She makes you feel very comfortable and therefore it is easy and therapeutic to speak to her.
Thanks to her methods and remedies I have felt a positive change in my sleep quality and a significant decline in the frequency of my night terrors. I highly recommend Stressfree Management!  Rawail Khan April 2020.

* Has it all!    Vic C Oct 2019

* Wow! Wonderful! I’m speechless…

Thank you very very much!

*Cindy Beeckman January 2019 Erpe-Mere,

Belgium (about the meditation/mindfulness)

* Wow! I went from quivering in my shoes from the

ex to having a brand new man in my life, my own

house and travelling overseas for the job I love.

I can handle my family and life just flows.

Thanks Jenetta.    J.L Merrylands March 2018

* I had to lose weight. It was only about 6 kilo. I had lost a lot of weight before but I wasn’t going to risk putting it all back on. The cravings I just couldn’t control them. I wanted a new lifestyle not a diet. Jenetta helped me lose 9 kilo in just a few short months. Below my goal and the cravings were gone. I just didn’t want unhealthy food anymore.  N.B Fairfield March 2018


* When I rang Jenetta I was desperate. I had been to see many doctors and had loads of tests. I was stressed, anxious, sick in the stomach with gastrointestinal problems that no-one seemed to be able to get rid of. I remember saying, ‘can you help me’. I had doubts of course when she said yes of course but decided to give it a go. Now it’s a totally different story. My health is perfect. I eat a healthy diet, I have better boundaries, I have more energy, I have no digestive problems and the things that used to upset me have just disappeared into the distance. I feel empowered and I am not scared to speak up anymore. It’s all good.  K.H Cecil Hills March 2018

* When I first came to see Jenetta I had quite a bit of experience as a public speaker in various situations but I lacked confidence. I used to feel so anxious beforehand and used to hear every slip up I made and magnify it. Now I can get up and speak confidently in any crowd, no matter what size. Also I find I speak easily for impromptu speeches. My general stress and anxiety is less, I communicate better with people in general and my outlook on life is positive. I am much more empowered to be the person I want to be. C. B Oatlands March 2018


* I was so upset and confused. Family arguments, many trips overseas for my sick relatives and the one’s here fighting with me. It was all too much and I felt really guilty and upset all the time. Jenetta taught me how to not take it all to heart so much. How to steady my nerves and how to overcome the grief easier of loved one’s passing. Now I handle things much better.    P.W Werrington February 2018

* I wasn’t a believer in hypnotherapists but when I got ill my wife decided I needed to see one. Glad she found Jenetta. Jenetta has worked wonders for me. She’s very experienced, caring and passionate. I’m very happy with her work.    Kuzman67 April 2017


* Very interesting info about the energy, I always meditate in my bed, and I always have horrible sleep. Also I didn’t know about the importance of having the feet on the ground, being grounded. Going to change my meditation habits and see how it works for me. I enjoyed this.  Thank you.    Cindy MA, USA – 2016 (about meditation)


* I received true value by associating the founding earth, and each color Chakra with a physical image, spinning each became a sphere, flowing one to the next, for me.
I wish to better associate with each chakra so I may identify those with smooth flow, and where there may be “blocks”, and how to become aware of growing through those areas. I do consider this more of a teaching audio. I will look for how I may download more of your recordings. Many thanks. Namaste.    Christine West Windsor, VT, USA 2016 (about Chakra meditation)


* Stressfree Management are very professional and accommodating to clients. They have helped me with a number of things and I highly recommend them.    Stacey Renner August 2016


* I was so angry when I first came. Angry that I had to be here to talk about my personal stuff. Angry at Jenetta because I really didn’t want to answer her questions. I hadn’t really wanted to come. I thought, ‘why the hell do I have to even be here?’ Anyway after about 10 minutes thanks to Jenetta I felt so much calmer and realised ‘Thank God I am here’   A.D Bonnyrigg NSW


* ‘My start weight was 77kg; I am now 61kg and still losing. My goal is 55 kg. Surprisingly it has not been difficult at all. I am not feeling sluggish or gross anymore. I am feeling really well. Less than 70kg was a huge shift for me. I had never been that low before and never thought I could do it. Once I was there I figured I would just keep going.’    H.T. Greystanes November 2014


* Hey Jenetta, I feel like I am back to my old self now which was my main intention when I first started coming to you. You did wonders for me. You listened and I didn’t feel like I was seeing a naturopath, I felt like I was seeing a girlfriend. Sometimes it was just nice to get things off my chest and not be judged and that was a great stress relief. Thank you for the wonderful reiki sessions. I am a much happier individual 

Take care xx
S.M Merrylands



• “The course helped me understand life in a different way and made me a better person”
• “I can see myself changing for the better”
• “It gave me the ability to see myself in a different light and a desire to be more in control of my life,           armed with the self-knowledge gained through the course”
• “The relaxation stopped my jaw from being always tense”
• “The only time my ears stop ringing from the Tinnitus is when I meditate”


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• “I liked best learning to understand stress and the management of same. The discussion on                         aromatherapy was very informative.”
• “I learnt more about being there for me and taking time for me.”
• “It was informative and Jenetta does not say, ‘you will feel’ a particular way – it leaves it open.”
• “It was useful to learn how to cope with stress.”
• “The most useful thing I got from this seminar was motivation to look at my personal life and what I            can change.”
• “The speaker knew what she was talking about and believed in what she was saying.”
• “The most useful thing I got from this seminar was that the way I choose to live my life as stressfree as        possible in this fast paced world is exactly how we all should live life.”


Benefits of natural healing continue in the corporate world

• “The most useful tool I learnt at this seminar was how to deal with stress in a number of ways.”
• “At this seminar I learnt to say: No”
• “At this seminar I learnt to deal with my day to day stresses and be conscious of what caused me                stress.”
• “The most useful information I gained from this seminar was how to regenerate and energise.”
• ‘The pace was even, relaxed, exciting and fun. I learnt how to project unwanted things from my life.”
• “I learnt the ability to relax and control stressful situations.”
• “I learnt to understand myself and the triggers that cause me stress and how to develop coping                 strategies.”

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