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Indecision in an Imperfect World

Updated: Jul 9

It is the things we fail to do that we often regret. Daily we are confronted by a myriad of decisions. Whether it be as simplistic as deciding what to have for breakfast, to what colour shoes to wear, to big decisions like moving house or cities. Every waking moment of our day we need to decide…something.

Quite often we forget that we are always making decisions and are so well practiced at it. Every morning you decide whether you want to go to work, wear that outfit or write that email. Sometimes you don’t write that email because you don’t know quite what to say. So you wait for the right words to come and then write it. Especially if it’s an important one.

Procrastination however can ruin your life. If you wait too long you risk missing the most wonderful opportunities and they are gone in the blink of an eye. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of choices then perhaps they are all wrong for you. When you look into your heart of hearts what is it that you really want? Others recommendations may push or pull you in different directions not aligned with what you need for your fulfilment. They could add to the cycle of thoughts already spinning round your head causing more confusion.

We know what we want is for the best, but what is that? Our decisions always affect others so we are often swayed by what is the best for them. Wrong choices may bring sadness and regret in years to come so we look for perfect decisions in an imperfect, impermanent world. Let us help you with some counselling or just natural healing techniques to come to the correct decisions for yourself in your life.

This planet is one of change. Change and instability yet we look for a stable, comfort zone as a cocoon to hide in even when it no longer serves us. In that way some of us live in fear of trying anything new. We forget the new things we have tried before that haven’t worked yet we still survived. The fear of making the wrong decision sometimes locks us into no decision. In that case time moves on and decides for us as the opportunity passes. Often no second chances.

Everything around us changes. Day becomes night, good thoughts turn to negative (in the flash of a moment) and happy days can become tainted with sadness due to any circumstance that touches our hearts. So why are we so afraid to make a wrong decision? We forget that in one moment we can always change our decision yet again. Either way it becomes a decision whether you are empowered and decide to take a choice or whether you let passing of time decide for you. What does your mind and heart say when you connect your inner self? Stop thinking and listen. It’s your journey and only you can walk it. Blessings.

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