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For more than thirty years, Jenetta Haim has worked as a naturopath in Sydney spreading the word of natural healing in her natural health clinic in Greystanes. Jenetta aims to empower people to embrace positive,  permanent lifestyle changes. Now she puts her decades of experience to work in your hands. Rather than sharing a litany of how-to remedies, she seeks to empower her patients and readers to be more educated, informed, and inspired directors on their own path to optimal health. Once you know the scope of available resources, you can take steps toward making the best choices for your personal needs. Becoming a healthier being is possible, once you have the skills and can take responsibility for your own well-being on all levels. Using the guidance within, you can begin improving the way you eat; enhancing the way you think about health; broadening your spiritual experience; fulfilling your goals and dreams; calming your thinking and emotions; and expanding your focus in all areas of your life. The power is now in your hands to start making simple, positive, and productive changes to create a healthier, happier, and more joyful life.
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Practitioner strength supplements available on request. Give Jenetta a call now on 0414680713 to order yours.



Designed to suit exactly what you need  



For a yearly membership fee of $100 you can gain access to all kinds of online advice. Simply email us what lifestyle and health improvements you want to make and get professional online advice at the click of a button. 


We have a range of downloads and even old style CD’s still available. Everything from beginners how to meditate to advanced meditation techniques, to information on your children’s growth. Give us a call on 0414680713 to find out what we have available. Chakra Meditation, Creative Visualisation, Yoga Nidra, Mantra meditation and much much more professionally designed to suit your needs.


Want to learn more to be empowered for your health? Take advantage of our extensive list of podcasts titled ‘Beyond the Heart’ with Jenetta Haim. Beyond the Heart are from Jenetta's radio show that reached over 2000 people worldwide in many different countries. Jenetta interviews the leaders of many different modalities and you can listen again at your leisure when you download all the different health topics she covers. These will help you to get healthy and stay healthy on all levels – spiritually, energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically. Here you can find authentic professional information to get you moving in the right direction with your health. Simply fill in the message form below with the topic you want and we will get back to you!























































































































































Stressfree Health Management book to empower you for your natural healing at the natural health clinic in Greystanes
products crystal elixirs, natural energy healing at our natural health clinic Greystanes
membership card for special discounts on products with our naturopath in Sydney at our natural health clinic in Greystanes
practitioner supplement products designed specifically for your needs by our naturopath in Sydney at our natural health clini
podcasts about natural healing, counselling, reiki, meditation, diet & nutrition to empower you
podcasts about kinesiology, hypnotherapy, energy healing and your lifestyle
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podcasts on heart disease, elderly care, relationships, herbs with natural healing
podcasts on pregnancy, Bowen therapy, tai chi at at our natural health clinic Greystanes
light  trees and sun healthy living naturopath Sydney
Swami Dayananda Saraswati assists with advice on counselling near me in Sydney
natural energy healing, reiki at our natural health clinic in Greystanes
podcasts on religion and healing, cranial sacral therapy, energy healing
podcast on yoga, exercise, natural healing in Sydney
reiki hands at Reiki Australia certified health clinic in Greystanes
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