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You Have a Choice –– Always!

Updated: Jul 9

Clara shivered as the doctor entered the room. She did not relish being in this office. Nevertheless she had to be there. She just had to know. Two years ago Clara was pale, overweight, overworked and sour. She had spent twenty years raising the kids, surviving divorce, a couple of bad break ups and building a career. Now should be the prime of her life.

Over the years Clara had cared for too many and neglected her self-care. While she looked after her kids, her partners and her customers she didn’t stop for more than a day or two for herself. She ate on the run, shopped for packaged meals, never exercised and lived on five hours sleep a night. Her social life was almost zero. By the time Friday came Clara was content to collapse in front of the television and fall asleep mid-movie.

Finally two years ago the crunch came. Clara was not functioning – unexplained aches and pains, low immunity and blood tests revealed thyroid conditions, high cholesterol and possible heart disease. The doctor handed her pills and a strong warning – Clara was headed for a heart attack. She was ill and found it harder and harder to function.

Clara had felt over the years she had never had a choice. Now the doctor was telling her the same thing. She was tired of hearing what she ‘should’ do but this was serious. Something inside Clara snapped as she realised she was in trouble. She knew things had to change.

She met Aaron through a business acquaintance. He was charming and handsome enough to catch even her uninvolved eye. Aaron added fuel to her new found motivation as she began to enjoy life again. He loved organic food, exercised and had a healthy positive attitude.

Now, two years later, Clara had lost 18 kilo, had two days off a week, spent time with her grandson and exercised regularly. She had left the doctor’s office back then determined to succeed. Now her latest test results were in the doctor’s hand. He glanced at Clara as he sat down, paused and smiled.

Looking up over his thick rimmed dark glasses he told her how great the results were. Thyroid and cholesterol perfect, heart function tests good. Clara took a deep breath, thanked him and left to the doctor’s compliment of ‘lost some weight Clara? – looking good’. As she walked down the 20 steps, two years ago it would have been the lift. Clara smiled to herself.

Never get trapped thinking there is no choice. Every day whatever you do and how you do it is your choice – always. Your mindset, your emotional control, your clarity, your spirituality, your body, your energy and your choice. You can equally choose not to do something just as much as you choose to do it. What are the choices you need to make differently? It’s your life. Love it or walk away and change it!

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