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Change Your Perspective – Move Forward

Updated: Jul 9

Perspective is such an inconsistent word. When we are feeling down or things are not right we are often told to change our perspective. How do we do that though? It is not easy as perspective is coloured by our environment, our education, our baggage, our fears, our goals and our dreams. Often we get because of our perspective and it is difficult to move on. These patterns are energetic, psychological, emotional and physical.

In Indian Vedanta philosophy there is a concept regarding perspective which may help. The words ‘maya’ and ‘mithya’ are Sanskrit and describe our perspective. ‘Maya’ literally translated means ‘that which is not’. It means that since the world is always changing nothing is ever. So one day the sky is blue, the next day red with heat, other times grey with clouds and at night, black. Just like the sky, our lives are always changing. Yesterday you were a child, now you are an adult. Everything changes, good and bad. Problem is when we are stuck and hurting, we forget this. This word ‘maya’ describes the fact that we forget that everything, including us, changes, transforms and nothing is permanent in this world.

The word ‘mithya’ describes another type of change. It is an internal one. ‘Mithya’ is the perspective we have in our head, which often differs from the way other people see life. We have different beliefs, values etc. to others and we can become stuck in those. We hold onto the way things ‘were’ rather than moving forward to how our life is ‘now”. We can become deluded by our own psychological, energetic, emotional programs which translate into our habits. This can cause us to feel isolated, stuck, separate and lost.

So when it comes to perspective we are confronted with two issues. One is the perspective we have on the world outside us (maya) and how we respond and act. The other is the perspective which we internalise and our notions about life (mithya). It’s often about our misconceptions about life in our head and who we are as a person. Both of these cause us stress and grief, so we feel stuck. Neither of these are permanent, as everything around us changes. We forget that fact because we become so immersed in our way of thinking, our negative feelings, our guilt and our arguments with others.

If we can just remember these two things, we can start to change our patterns and our world. Remember that the way you think, feel and act is coloured by your past. Remember that the thoughts swimming round your head are habits in your thinking. Remember also that your energy has a pattern that can change and there are lots of places and people trained to help you with that. If these things change, then in months to come, your life will change. Give it a year or two and your whole life can be so beautifully different.

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